"Everything that binds you to something is wrong and goes against your nature. It should all be unlearned. Jobs, obligations, manners, customs, everything. Humans are animals. They are meant to be free. If you feel like it, put down your spoon and eat with your claws."
“What about marriage?”
“Marriage too.”
“What would your wife think if she heard you say that?”
“I think she’d appreciate the honesty. Because that’s the sort of beast she’s attracted to.”

I don’t know, but he might just be seducing me with that hair…

Awwwww, you’ve grown into quite a Silver Fox, Mark!


Next up we have Mark. He had so many good “bad” pictures, it was hard to pick the worst! ;) Mark did not reach his full awkward potential until after high school. I love his denim shirt & suspenders (he said he had on a belt too!) He really must not have wanted his pants to sag! ;) He was still a cute nerdy cowboy but now he’s a handsome photographer and gourmet chef! 


Then: 19 years old, St. George, UT at Walmart

Now: 38 years old, Research Development Chef for Duffin Concepts, residing in Salt Lake City, UT